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Connecting Coastal Communities in the German News

Associate Investigator Julian Lilkendey addresses Work Conditions in the German Academic System.

The Connecting Coastal Communities project was prominently featured in the recent media coverage of Associate Investigator Julian Lilkendey's interview on the Tagesschau news program. In the interview, Julian spoke about the challenges scientists face in the German academic system. As someone with experience in marine research and project management, Julian shed light on the issue of job insecurity and unstable employment that many scientists face.

According to the "Federal Report on Young Researchers“, 92% of all scientists under 45 in Germany work under temporary contracts, resulting in a "hidden science precariat" with limited prospects. "As a scientist, it is a very depressing situation for me. I am constantly searching for a new job and have the constant fear of losing my job," Lilkendey says in the accompanying article. This situation profoundly impacts the current and next generation of scientists, with many feeling unsupported and uncertain about their future in academia.

The Connecting Coastal Communities project recognizes that stable and fair working conditions are crucial for sustainable collaborations across disciplines, countries, and cultures. While the project continues to raise awareness about environmental issues in the Pacific region, it is important to highlight the challenges scientists face in their own countries. By addressing these issues and working towards positive change, we can create a more equitable and supportive environment for professionals, enabling them to continue making important contributions to their fields.


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